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Late-stage pre-IPO companies worldwide with a strong growth trajectory and last round valuation in excess of $5B.


We search for technology-oriented businesses that provide proprietary solutions. Strong long-term industry fundamentals.


We seek management teams that have proven track-record scaling high-growth companies.

Pre-IPO Investments.

What are

Pre-Initial Public Offerings (Pre-IPOs) allow private companies to raise money by selling shares. Since these shares are being sold before the actual IPO, investors can receive shares at a discounted price. The potential upside is incredible in such investments. However, such investments traditionally required significant initial investments, preventing retail investors from investing. Here at High Circle we're breaking down such barriers by offering Pre-IPOs at significantly reduced minimums.

How do we access

At High Circle, we leverage deep relationships with some of the most promising late-stage companies and venture capital firms to get access to Pre-IPO rounds . We then purchase a large ‘block’ of company's capitalization under an LLC, which our clients can buy shares of. This allows us to put forward the large initial investment needed for Pre-IPO investments, while letting individuals join with lower minimums. Once a company goes public or is acquired , we liquidate/distribute the shares to our members. We also charge a carry fee, a percentage of the amount the investment has grown from the initial investment till liquidation.

What are the risks of

When you invest in a Pre-IPO, it could mean making your capital illiquid for an uncertain period of time, only being able to liquidate your share once a company goes public. The same risks and uncertainty that apply to traditional forms of investing also apply to Pre-IPO investments. While at High Circle, we do our best to mitigate the risk and provide the best opportunities for our clients, nothing can be guaranteed.

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